Andy D. Aranas

has 14 years experience in the field of graphic design and 5 years of web development. After receiving numerous honors at the Virginia Beach Technical Center, Andy D. Aranas began his studies at Virginia Commonwealth University. His focus was fashion design and this was where he began a strong foundation on color, shapes, and advertising. After two years of fashion design, Mr. Aranas wanted to explore other venues of art. Next, he decided to take his studies closer to home at the Visual Arts Center located in Portsmouth, Virginia. Mr. Aranas has gained many business associates and clients since his very first year of design studies. His heart and passion for new ideas and his flare to promote design is unmatched. Gaining knowledge with vector creation with Adobe Illustrator and quality assurance in dealing with more clients is a positive thing. After graduating at ECPI University, his growth has moved him to the branch of web design. With his abilities, he now has the knowledge to create design in different medians.